My name is Ben Dark. I’m a Gardener and writer.

This is my gardening blog.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Much diverted by the blog, Ben, and thought you might wish to be warned that the humble water vole has been seen being eaten by herons in the garden of our friends the Weymouths, as we learned at their delicious luncheon today.


  2. Ben,
    allan johnson (nov 22 comment) got his small mammals a bit mixed up. it was a water shrew, not vole, which got eaten by a heron on the banks of our brook. we had seen the enchanting water shrew several times darting to & fro in the silt of the water bottom and were able to get a close look at it. sadly we haven’t seen another since the heron snatch.
    like your blog a lot.

    1. Quote from Wikipedia: “The garden designer Joseph Paxton, creator of the Crystal Palace, started his career in the gardens at Chiswick for the Royal Horticultural Society” – and Chiswick House’s gardens seem to have evolved since the end of the 17th century. This is possibly why your question about who landscaped ‘the park’ has remained unanswered.

  3. Hi Ben,
    What a wonderful blog.
    Thanks for the mention of my column. I actually don’t mind gardening – it’s Gardeners’ Question Time that I can’t sit through! Perhaps I should have written “The Archers” instead though (I love Radio 4 but the tie-up between the two was the station’s low point of the last decade).

  4. Hello Ben,
    Enjoyed the blog very much. Very cheery and I need cheering as the rain curtains down outside. I’m not sure how you’d place me. I’m a garden designer based in Exeter – all Balance Unity and Movement, amongst lots of other things- but also have three (madness, madness) allotments where there is a modicum of balance, little unity and the movement is provided by all the slugs and snails scrambling for cover when I wrench the waist-high weeds out of the sodden ground. Heh Ho! Thanks goodness for optimism.

  5. Ben, awesome blog. We just linked to it from http://www.my-garderoom.co.uk. would you consider a recipricol link back to us?

    If you were to carry some sort of banner ad for us …we could work on an affiliate referral basis if that was an option where you got commission from any referring visit that resulted in a sale if you were interested.

    Kind regards
    Chris Thompson

  6. Greetings from Amsterdam Ben. Like you I am a self-employed gardener working here for the last 10 years or so…. I also get to my clients’ gardens by bike, although seeing as every Amsterdammer owns 2 bikes it’s not so odd here. Listen, write more ok… you’re good and inspiring and I check far too often for my own likeing to see if you’ve posted something. WRITE MORE !
    Greetings from an ex-pat in the Low-Countries 🙂

  7. I agree, have been though so many blogs that Aren’t an inch of yours in potential. You Should write more. at least just to let us know you are ok considering long silence. You know Sverige blog succes tages up to two years – some more. Jk Rowling more. Pines and ferb creator 16 years.

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